Accepted papers

A Comprehensive survey on Software Defined Networking
Remote Healthcare Monitoring Configuration for Diabetes Patients using Logistic Regression over K-Nearest Neighbor for improving Precision
Accurate Prediction of Results between Sports Teams using Logistic Regression Algorithm in Comparison with Random Forest Algorithm
Prediction of Best Logistics for effective storage of products using Support Vector Machine algorithm against Logistic Regression algorithm for better accuracy
Performance Analysis of Hand Posture Recognition on Photographic Image using Support Vector Machine in Comparison with Convolution Neural Network to Improve Accuracy
Improved Accuracy for Automated Diabetics Prediction using Novel Random Forest Algorithm over Logistic Regression Algorithm
Improved Accuracy for Predicting Fish Habitat in Indian Ocean by using Convolution Neural Network Compared with Logistic Regression
Comparative Analysis of Classification Accuracy and Precision based Machine Learning Predictions for Metallic Silicates using Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM) and Logistic Regression Algorithm
Foreground Object Detection Using Entropy in Comparison with Frame Differencing, Single Gaussian and GMM to Measure F-Score
Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentations and Classifications of Land Cover Area Using Naive Bayes in Comparison with Novel Random Forest to Improve Accuracy
Bone Fracture Detection using Genetic Algorithm and Comparing the Accuracy with Edge detection Algorithm
Comparison of Acoustic Channel Characteristics in  Shallow and Deepsea Water
Enhancing the total scattering efficiency of Optical Nanowires using Silicon/Copper Oxide Core-Shell materials in comparison with Silicon/Silicon Core-Shell materials
Transient Stability Enhancement of Simultaneous AC-DC Power System using SVC Compared with Shunt Capacitor by Optimising the Transmission Line Reactance
Comparative analysis of the Performance Metrics in IMT-E Band using Horn Antenna and Helical Antenna at Center Frequency 2.6 GHz
Single Image Dehazing through Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network
Cogent architecture using XSG for high-end Video Processing Applications
A scheme of Long short-term memory (LSTM) -CNN feature extraction and  Spatial relationship to anonymize image and video for Privacy-Preserving Human Activity Recognition.
A Comprehensive Review on Channel Estimation Methods for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems
A review on LEACH Successors with Single Hop Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Price Estimation of Used Cars using Machine Learning Algorithms
Publishing Data Objects in Data Aware Networking
Solar Energy Prediction Using Machine Learning With Support Vector Regression Algorithm
Steering Data Arbitration on Facial-Speech Features for Fusion-based Emotion Recognition
Depth Estimation and Navigation Route Planning for Mobile Robots based on Stereo Camera
AI Virtual Hardware
Performance Evaluation of Fast DCP Algorithm for Single Image Dehazing