Workshop on GenAI with Intel Developer Cloud

About the Speaker

Dr. Shriram Kris Vasudevan has over 17 years of experience in the Industry and Academia together. He holds a Doctorate in embedded systems. He has authored / co-authored 45 books for various publishers including Taylor and Francis, Oxford University Press, and Wiley. He also has been granted 13 patents so far. Shriram is a hackathon enthusiast and has been awarded by Harvard University, AICITE, CII,  Google, TDRA Dubai, Govt. Of Saudi Arabia, Govt. Of India and a lot more. He has published more than 150 research articles. He was associated with L&T Technology Services before joining in current role with a intel. Shriram Vasudevan runs a YouTube channel in his name which has more than 43k subscribers and maintains a wide range of playlists on varied topics. Dr. Shriram is a public speaker too. He is oneAPI certified Instructor, Intel oneAPI certified Instructor, Google Cloud Ambassador, Streamlit Education Ambassador, AWS Ambassador,  ACM Distinguished Speaker and NASSCOM Prime Ambassador. Shriram is a Fellow IEI, Fellow IETE and Senior Member IEEE

Session Details: (GenAI – The Tech Revolution; Duration-90 Minutes)

1. What is oneAPI?

2. Developer Challenges – How to overcome?

3. Intel Developer Cloud – World of learning starts here.

4. AI with Intel Developer cloud (IDC)

5. GenAI introduction, prompt engineering guidelines, GenAI with IDC (Text to Image, Image to Image, and more examples with Stable diffusion)  

7. Tools for code productivity (Vtune profiler, Advisor, CUDA to SYCL conversion)

Brief Overview

What is oneAPI?

oneAPI is an open, standards-based, unified cross-architecture programming model that provides developers the freedom to choose the best hardware (CPU, GPU and FPGAs) for accelerated computing. oneAPI delivers performance without proprietary lock-in while interoperating with code written in familiar standards including C, C++, SYCL, Fortran, Python, MPI and OpenMP.With oneAPI, developers can choose the best architecture for their specific problem without needing to completely rewrite software for the next architecture and platform.

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits– Are built on Intel’s rich heritage of proven CPU developer tools now expanded for XPUs; they support familiar languages and standards while providing full interoperability with existing code. The toolkits deliver on the performance potential of Intel® architectures and lower software development and maintenance costs. oneAPI and Intel oneAPI Toolkits together bring productive and performant heterogenous programming to developers.

Intel Developer Cloud – It is a sandbox enabling the users to wonderful stuff with amount of facilities and guidelines it provides. Access to the Intel Developer Cloud can be introduced for the participants and they can learn Machine learning, GenAI and SYCL (HPC) through the Intel Developer Cloud.